[MLton] Welcome to Neophytos Michael

Matthew Fluet fluet@cs.cornell.edu
Wed, 14 Jul 2004 23:29:00 -0400 (EDT)

>  as well as additional libraries like SML/NJ lib.

I hope that everyone knows that they can run cmcat on
to get a proper order for the SML/NJ Lib files.  You should be able to
compile the files in this order with MLton with a couple of caveats;
I drop the following two:
  time-limit.sml  --  needs to be rewritten to work with MLton,
                      but it isn't a heavily used structure
  random.sml      --  SML/NJ has a structure Pack32Big,
                      which doesn't conform to the Basis Library
                      specification (it ought to be PackReal32Big);
                      you could rename the structure to match the spec,
                      but then you'll break SML/NJ sources.

The following can be fixed in place:
 M format.sml
 M getopt.sml
 M graph-scc.sml
 M parser-comb.sml
 M redblack-map-fn.sml
 M redblack-set-fn.sml
 M scan.sml
A bunch of them use the deprecated Substring.all; use Substring.full
instead.  Some have SML/NJ "where <structure>"-isms; ORD_KEY ones can
easily be expanded from "where Key = K" to "type Key.ord_key = K.ord_key"

You can follow a similar procedure on the other /smlnj-lib directories.
The HTML library has some or patterns that need to be expanded.
Unix/unix-env.sml has another Substring.all.  And I think I got all the
others to build without modification.