[MLton] How easy is it to steal MLton's front end?

Allyn Dimock dimock@cs.uml.edu
Wed, 21 Jul 2004 13:04:52 -0400


Has anyone successfully stolen MLton's front end to use with another
back end?  Can you give me a general idea as to how to do so and / or
put me in contact with someone who has succeeded in stealing the front

My interest is in compiling reasonable programs for performance testing
various constraint solution strategies in Torben Amtoft & Bob Muller's
global register allocator.

The input that I need is a defunctionalized, explicitly-typed,
monomorphic lambda calculus with sums, products, and some reasonable
base types.

Given that MLton defunctionalizes higher-order functions, and used to
and may still clone functions for monomorphization, I hope that the
MLton front end may produce a representation that we can easily use.

Any thoughts?

-- Allyn

Allyn Dimock  dimock@cs.uml.edu