[MLton] Port of OpenBSD to MLton

Stephen Weeks MLton@mlton.org
Wed, 9 Jun 2004 08:22:28 -0700

> So I decided to give porting MLton to OpenBSD a try..


> My current problem is a good proper bootstrap. I can run the
> Linux-version with linux-emulation perfectly. So I can produce .c
> and .S files and probably .o files as well. Now, do I link them with
> my runtime?

Yes, that sounds easiest.  You shouldn't even need to do much "by

  1. Make the necessary changes to the compiler and basis library to
     handle OpenBSD.

On Linux:
  2. Recompile MLton.

On OpenBSD:
  3. Put the mlton-compile executable to run with Linux emulation
     in your build/lib directory.
  4. make targetmap runtime constants world compiler

This should run the Linux-emulated MLton to build the .o files and
link them with the OpenBSD-compiled runtime to produce a native
OpenBSD MLton.

> SMLNJ 110.45 doesn't have a port, so that path is not one I wish to
> take.

Yeah, this should not be necessary.  I haven't used SML/NJ to
bootstrap MLton in years.

> Furthermore, complication is that OpenBSDs GCC uses a stack protector
> scheme

I don't see why this would hurt.