[MLton] Shootout Revived

Daniel C. Wang danwang@CS.Princeton.EDU
Sun, 20 Jun 2004 19:32:54 -0400

Not sure if everyone knows this but the Great Language Shootout is up and 
running again..


For the last few weeks the rankings were

gcc mlton, smlnj, ... ocaml

the ocaml hackers not to be underestimated  submited some changes and now 
the rankings are

gcc, ocaml, mlton, smlnj, .....

good news for all ML in general, but if people are a bit bored, I'd suggest 
a little tweaking...

In particular the fibo benchmark seems a bit suboptimal. I imagine you could
get a small speed up by doing a range test rather than using pattern 
matching, unless the mlton match compiler is being much smarter than I 
imagine. Also, there's also the trick of using Word32 rather than Int to 
avoid the overflow trapping which Ocaml doesn't do anyway...