[MLton] Problems with gdtoa.tgz

Stephen Weeks MLton@mlton.org
Wed, 23 Jun 2004 13:08:17 -0700

> I was trying to compiled the current MLton CVS under
> Cygwin, but I get an error:
> zcat: gdtoa.tgz: invalid compressed data--format
> violated
> I've tried uncompressing with compress, gzip, pkzip
> with no luck.  Any ideas?

Let's check that we're looking at the same file.  On both my Linux and
Cygwin machines, I get

% md5sum gdtoa.tgz
51dc3f5d9ef8912888df028734a6f1e1  gdtoa.tgz

Here's the version of zcat I'm using on Cygwin

% zcat --version
zcat 1.3.5

With that, the following works fine.

% zcat gdtoa.tgz | tar xf -