[MLton] compiler dependencies

Brandon J. Van Every vanevery@indiegamedesign.com
Tue, 29 Jun 2004 15:30:51 -0700

Henry Cejtin wrote:
> I am sure that everyone who knows me at all knows how
> incredibly boring I am
> in my anti-Microsoft feelings.  I really don't like the idea
> of using any of
> their software to do any thing.  They are evil and largely
> incompetant.

Yes, but refusing to virally invade their platform with superior open
source technologies is conceding strategic defeat.  If one is not
willing to make concessions to industrial relevance, one isn't going to
gain any converts.  It's not realistic to think that the world is going
to discover the 'brilliance' of MLton or Cygwin or MinGW on their own
merits.  Because frankly, from a get-it-done standpoint, such tools
often lack merits.  'Support' is this nasty issue that lotsa people
don't want to be sullied with, because it's really boring work.
Nevertheless, it is what causes working programmers to shift from one
technology base to another.

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