[MLton] wiki cvs-like tool

Stephen Weeks MLton@mlton.org
Wed, 17 Nov 2004 17:47:46 -0800

I wrote a program to make it easier to edit the wiki.  The idea is to
provide a cvs-like command-line interface that can be used to update
local copies of files from the web and to commit local modifications
to the web.  You can browse the code at


To compile it you need to have the latest CVS of the MLton library
sources, and point the mlb path variable MLTON_SRC_LIB at the
lib/mlton dir in the sources.

Here's a quick tutorial on how to use it.

1. Create a new directory for your local copy of the wiki files.

2. In that directory, login.

  wiki login http://mlton.org StephenWeeks <my password>

3. Checkout (the raw wiki markup) files with commands like:

  wiki checkout Home
  wiki checkout Index Documentation

4. Edit the files using your favorite text editor. 

5. Commit your changes with a command like 

  wiki commit UserGuide
6. Logout.

  wiki logout

That's it for the simple use.  There are also other commands like

* Download the new version of a file from the web if there is one.

  wiki update UserGuide

* Schedule a new file to be added (must be later committed, just like
  CVS) .

  wiki add NewFile

* Rename a page

  wiki rename OldFile NewFile

* Remove a page

  wiki remove DeletedFile

* Plus, a special command to attach files

  wiki attach <file> <attachment>

Rename and remove shouldn't work for most people on mlton.org because
of the way permissions are set up.

I've just barely tested this code, but it seems to work on simple
cases.  Please try it out, and send mail about bugs or suggested
improvements.  Thanks.