[MLton] survey

Stephen Weeks MLton@mlton.org
Thu, 6 Jan 2005 13:25:38 -0800

> Despite the fact that question 5 says that left means more beneficial, I would
> put this on top of the radio buttons.  I.e., something like
>         more                            less
>       important                       important
>           x       x       x       x       x		ports to new platforms
>           x       x       x       x       x		read-eval-print loop
>           x       x       x       x       x		separate compilation

Good idea.  Have a look now.

> With  regard  to  the  `improved  documentation',  I  wonder  if  it is worth
> separating out the different types of documentation: MLton libraries to write
> other  programs vs. MLton internals to hack the compiler (vs. MLton internals
> to add some more FFI).

This is much like the other ones we could split out to ask for
specific instances: platforms, libraries, optimizations.  So, I think
it's best left to the open-ended textarea below.