[MLton] Support for link options in ML Basis files

Chris Clearwater chris@detriment.org
Fri, 14 Jan 2005 00:39:52 -0800

Are there any plans to support link options in ML Basis files? For 
example, I have written bindings to some SDL functions neccesary to use 
in place of GLUT with OpenGL.  It would be nice for applications which 
used the SDL and OpenGL bindings to simply add "sdl/sdl-lib.mlb" and 
"gl/gl-lib.mlb" to their .mlb files and have MLton automaticaly use the 
supplied link options when compiling the final executable.  Also, is 
their a way to have MLton tell you where it keeps SML libraries (for 
example, /usr/lib/mlton/sml/ on my Debian machine) so you could have a 
makefile target install the library in the appropriate place? Finally, 
many thanks for your hard work on the wonderful MLton compiler :)