[MLton] Support for link options in ML Basis files

Mike Thomas mike.thomas@brisbane.paradigmgeo.com
Fri, 21 Jan 2005 11:22:58 +1000

Hi Chris.

| The MLton CVS repository contains some incomplete GL/GLU/GLUT bindings.

As the author of those bindings I thought for the record I should present
the reasons I made the design decisions you mention:

| They have
| curried wrappers around them

I prefer to look at code written this way.  I believe that Stephen and
possibly the other MLton people prefer the non-curried style you would

| and also have the same names as C where
| there is no namespace management. For example, "GL.glVertex3d: real ->
| real -> real -> unit" in CVS vs "GL.vertex3D: real * real * real ->
| unit" in my bindings.

It is one less translation to make in converting code from C sources to
SML - easier for learners and less brain power diverted for those familiar
with OpenGL when reading SML OpenGL programs.  I think it a good idea to
retain the C names of the functions at the low level of this C library
binding because ultimately the libraries are defined by their C
implementation as reflected also in written descriptions of those libraries.


Mike Thomas.