[MLton] Of possible interest: GNU id-utils with SML (and lisp) support added

Cynbe ru Taren cynbe-keyword-mlton.03a39d-dated-1107021742.fdf54c@laurel.muq.org
Mon, 24 Jan 2005 12:02:22 -0600

I've tweaked  the GNU id-utils to also support SML and lisp.
The source tarball (and a Debian binary .deb) are up at:

Synopsis for anyone unfamiliar with the id-utils:

    A keystroke or two in emacs or vi gives lightning-fast access to all
    occurrences of a given identifier in the codebase.  Great for looking
    up definitions, checking all uses after a redefinition, finding a
    typical invocation, and so forth.  Valuable for reading any codebase
    over ten kilolines, and indispensable for multi-megaline codebases
    (where etags simply halts and catches fire).

    I'm a frank addict.