[MLton] Mirror of mail archive

Wesley W. Terpstra wesley@terpstra.ca
Tue, 25 Jan 2005 16:52:03 +0100

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I got sick of pipermail and since I have a new server where I can host web
pages, I put up a mirror of the MLton lists
I will translate the mailing list descriptions to German at some point.

Unfortunately, the mbox files available from pipermail's web interface have
bogus headers and only go back to 1999. Could someone point me to a more
accurate and complete copy of the mboxes?

Let me know if you have any suggestions from improvements.

If you want to be able to reply to a message that is in the archive using
your favourite email client (with proper quoting, threading, etc):
	1. add "message/rfc822; /usr/local/bin/rfc822 %s" to ~/.mailcap
	2. edit the attached rfc822 script to invoke your email client
	3. click on the 'Message as email' link in message views
(of course, I need the real mbox for this to work fully)

Wesley W. Terpstra

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#! /bin/bash


TMPFILE=`mktemp email-reply.XXXXXXXX` || exit 1
cat "$1" >$TMPFILE
exec gnome-terminal -x sh -c "mutt -f $TMPFILE; rm -f $TMPFILE"