[MLton] Mirror of mail archive

Wesley W. Terpstra wesley@terpstra.ca
Wed, 26 Jan 2005 04:12:47 +0100

On Tue, Jan 25, 2005 at 06:47:44PM -0800, Stephen Weeks wrote:
> I sent you a (temporarily operational) URL for both by private email.

I have not received it.

Also, I will need to know what timezone the mailbox was generated in.
Do you happen to know? I can probably guess by comparing Date: and the 
"From " delimiter, but timezones are location dependent for day-light
savings, so it helps if I can just be told the right one...

> For my own edification, could you explain what's wrong with headers
> provided by pipermail?

Most importantly, the Content-Type is missing. Thus message attachments,
signatures, and charset are broken. For example, any german or Russian text
indexed would not be rendered properly.

Example of broken encoding:
Example of broken attachment:

Furthermore, pipermail appears to corrupt the sender information. For
example, messages from you incorrectly have MLton@mlton.org as the from
address, even though in actuality this is your Reply-To header.

It also manages to corrupt the From: line for some usernames in a pattern I
didn't fully understand, but fixed manually with sed. It also strips the
Sender: header.

Those are the only problems that matter for lurker, but it seems to drop
every header other than From, Date, Subject, In-Reply-To, References, and
Message-ID, and it rewrites those. If an email client wants to reply to a
message, other headers beyond those lurker interprets might be significant.

Wesley W. Terpstra <wesley@terpstra.ca>