[MLton] FreeBSD ports that you maintain which are currently marked broken

Stephen Weeks MLton@mlton.org
Sun, 30 Jan 2005 23:00:37 -0800

> I am still wondering what size mismatch means. 

Have a look at the thread


So, we've fixed the size mismatch.  Also, I submitted a new Makefile
to the FreeBSD project.  See the thread


As far as I can tell the Makefile works on FreeBSD 5.X (of which I
have an installation and have tried it).  Unfortunately, if you go to
the end of


you will see a problem report by Sergey Matveychuk, indicating that my
Makefile changes do not work on FreeBSD 4.x (of which I don't have an
installation handy).  If someone could investigate the problem on
FreeBSD 4.x, that would be great (please announce here if you are).
If we don't get this fixed in the next few weeks, the MLton port will
get pulled from FreeBSD.

> Note that the current CVS sources of MLton does not build on FreeBSD
> 6.0-CURRENT because defining POSIX_C_SOURCE to be 200112 results in
> __BSD_VISIBLE being 0, so we do not pull in the following from 
> sys/types.h:
> I do not have the time to provide a patch, but I've done quite a bit
> of digging inside the system to find out what happens. The part of
> the code that sets __BSD_VISIBLE is a define-hell inside 
> /usr/include/sys/cdefs.h.

Thanks for investigating.  This problem is unrelated to the port
problem above, and was introduced in the changeover to C99 in
December, which we still haven't caught up with on most of our
platforms.  Any further help on this one would be appreciate too
(although the port problem is *much* more important right now).