[MLton] OT Threading (was: Multicore CPU's and MLton)

Stephen Weeks MLton@mlton.org
Tue, 5 Jul 2005 09:17:55 -0700

> As for the MLton st work-alike (which I have), this is irrelevant
> anyways, since I use MLtonThread.switch instead of setjmp. I should
> profile which is actually faster at some point...

MLtonThread.switch is implemented via (a couple of) C calls, so is not
as fast as it might be.  At one point (years ago), we had it in native
code and it was quite fast.  But maintenance was difficult, especially
as there was a lot of GC changes made.  In any case, if
MLton.Thread.switch isn't fast enough for some app, it should be less
than a day's work for someone to put back in the native implementation
(on x86).

> MLton also places it's own stack in a non-standard location.
> I'm not familiar with garbage collector theory, is MLton exact?

Yes.  We focus a lot on space safety (of which exactness is one