[MLton] MLton rules!

Jens Axel Søgaard jensaxel@soegaard.net
Mon, 18 Jul 2005 22:27:37 +0200

Stephen Weeks wrote:

>>dumb question from lurking potential user -- can MLton build
>>dynamically loadable shared library objects?
> Not officially, but Jens Soegaard, a reader of this list, made some
> progress back in April.  See various "MLton and shared libraries"
> threads, e.g.
>   http://mlton.org/pipermail/mlton/2005-April/026955.html
>   http://mlton.org/pipermail/mlton/2005-April/026996.html
> In looking back over the mails, I see that it looked pretty close, but
> we never got a patch from Jens.  Jens, would you care to update us and
> possibly submit a patch?

I got distracted partty by real life and partly by the fact that I
decided to wait for my new computer (a dual core btw) to arrive
before losing too much hair under the long compile times under my
old computer.

I got so far, that I can produce a shared library and load it
in mzscheme or via ldopen in a C program. Call a few functions
and get results back. The fun lasts until the first mlton garbage 
collection occurs which unfortunately provokes a core dump.

Another reason I decided to wait, was that I was unable to
get the cvs version of MLton to compile under FreeBSD. My new
computer is a Windows machine, so I'll try to get things working
under Cygwin.

However two weeks ago, I failed getting the the stable 20041109
release to bootstrap under Cygwin. I'll try again and post
here if I run into problems.

Jens Axel Søgaard