[MLton] Tabs in source files

Vesa Karvonen vesa.karvonen@cs.helsinki.fi
Tue, 26 Jul 2005 15:38:01 +0300

I don't want to start a holy war, but I would like to suggest not using
tabs in source files. Here is a link to a short rationale for not using
tabs in the Boost library:


MLton is, of course, a different project and I'm biased as I personally
don't use tabs and have set

  '(indent-tabs-mode nil)

in my XEmacs custom.el (Makefile editing still works fine). The main
problems with tabs are broken indentation (with different tab widths)
and unnecessary (pure indentation) diffs. The savings in source code
size offered by tabs is unlikely to be important and should not have a
significant effect on the speed of something like CVS operations when
using compression. When indentation uses only spaces, the code just
always looks like it was intended.