[MLton] Subversion

Vesa Karvonen vesa.karvonen@cs.helsinki.fi
Tue, 26 Jul 2005 17:01:16 +0300

Again, I don't want to start a holy war (between advocates of
different version control systems), but I would like to suggest
considering migration from CVS to SVN. I have been using SVN
for some time on my own (small) projects and the experience has
been positive. Now that the so called FSFS repositories are the
default, the most annoying SVN repository maintenance issues are
probably gone.

For me, the killer features of SVN are:
[0. similarity to CVS; SVN is easy to learn,]
 1. the ability to do (among other things) status queries and diffs
    while not connected, and
 2. ability to move files and directories.