[MLton] Subversion

Florian Weimer fw@deneb.enyo.de
Tue, 26 Jul 2005 22:04:47 +0200

* Stephen Weeks:

>> If you provide a link to a tarball of the CVS repository itself, I
>> could try how well the conversion works.
> http://cvs.mlton.org/mlton-cvsroot.tar.bz2

Thanks.  I've run the conversion, statistics below.

You can look at the results if you want to, although the connection is
a bit slow:

  $ svn co svn://subversion.enyo.de/mlton/trunk/mlton

The repository duplicates the structure of the CVS repository.  Maybe
it makes more sense to convert the /mlton directory tree separately.

If you want to play around with write access, send me a short note,
and I'll create an account for you.  (This is a demo repository only,
all changes can be discared without notice.)

cvs2svn Statistics:
Total CVS Files:              3223
Total CVS Revisions:         21662
Total Unique Tags:              52
Total Unique Branches:          76
CVS Repos Size in KB:        57015
Total SVN Commits:            4361
First Revision Date:    Wed Sep 20 07:08:06 2000
Last Revision Date:     Mon Jul 25 03:15:38 2005
pass 1:    15 seconds
pass 2:     2 seconds
pass 3:     0 seconds
pass 4:     5 seconds
pass 5:    22 seconds
pass 6:     0 seconds
pass 7:     1 second
pass 8:  1275 seconds
total:   1323 seconds

The size of the converted repository is 123 MB.  I'm using the BDB
backend because it needs less CPU time than FSFS, and the server is a
bit underpowered.  The conversion was run on a different, more modern