[MLton] Welcome to Vesa Karvonen

Matthew Fluet fluet@cs.cornell.edu
Thu, 16 Jun 2005 13:53:54 -0400 (EDT)

> > I've played around a bit with John Reppy's ml-doc system, the system that
> > produces the Standard ML Basis Library webpages, and have found it to be 
> > convenient, if not perfect.  It does have the advantage of ultimately 
> > giving a consistent look and feel to the Standard Basis Library and any 
> > additional library documentation.
> I have downloaded the ML-Doc system some time ago, but I was put off by
> the lack of both documentation(!) and examples (or maybe I didn't look
> hard enough). 

I had similar problems.  The SML/NJ Library sources have some ML-Doc 

The ultimate reference, of course, would be the ml-doc sources of the 
Basis Library.  I've tried contacting John Reppy a couple of times on this 
point, but he's not responded to any of my inquiries.

> I would like to hear if anyone can think of a non-obvious drawback
> with the (very simple) technique presented here:
>   http://mlton.org/ProductType
> The idea occured to me after I wrote the first version of the
> for-loop combinator library and I don't recall having seen the
> technique explicitly documented earlier. I have, of course,
> encountered the problem much earlier while writing a simple
> (non-monadic) parser combinator library and I wouldn't be
> surprised if the technique has been explored earlier.

I think it is very clever and I think the explaination is quite clear.  It 
does seem like the sort of thing that must have been discovered before, 
but I don't know of any immediate examples.  The limited scope of 
identifier fixity directives really seems to limit the applicability of 
cleverly choosing nice infix operators.