[MLton] Re: Ray tracer update

Stephen J. Bevan stephen@dino.dnsalias.com
Fri, 17 Jun 2005 21:27:32 -0700

Stephen Weeks writes:
 > > BTW I looked for Emacs information on the MLton site but didn't find a
 > > link to this page.
 > There is a link from
 >   http://mlton.org/StandardML

Doh!  That's the one link on the main page I didn't try since I
already know Standard ML :-<  Now I know where it is and with the
update containing the regexp and sed page I think it is pretty good,
though it wouldn't hurt to mention it in the man page.

 > I think it's best to leave the error messages as is, since they are
 > more readable, and that will be most helpful to newbies (other than
 > Emacs users that expect next-error to work), who may not be using
 > any kind of automated error processing.

I respectfully disagree, so let's just agree to disagree :-)