[MLton] ANN: Port of the Swerve HTTP Server under MLton

Ray Racine rracine@adelphia.net
Sat, 18 Jun 2005 16:27:10 -0400

Unfortunately, I don't get an opportunity to do much SML stuff these
days.  I ran across my old SML code directory yesterday and realized I
had a few things (given the paucity of SML library code available) and
scraggly as it is there could be a bit of value in it (one man's garbage
is another man's treasure).  I decided to throw it out there in case
someone is interested.  At one point I was going to merge Adam's SML
syntax template language into it. (The goal was a sort of a SML syntax
PHP system.)

I have several more related code bases as well which I will trickle out.
They will be far from polished releases, but all should build clean
under the latest MLton.

Today is the first one.

Somewhere in January of '05 I ported the Swerve HTTP server to compile
under MLton.  I used it to embed an HTTP server in another application
(to follow soon). The original author, though using an idiomatic coding
convention style, appears to have done a solid job of it.  As I squashed
compile errors I re-factored here and there, primarily cut & paste, to
make the code a bit more main stream in coding style. 

I lumped it all up into a buildable directory structure, mlb'd the lot
of it, and tossed in a few README.TXTs and BUILD.TXTs.

It can't stay for long where it is at (too big and no space) and I'll
remove it in a few days.  If anyone is interested you can grab it here
at http://www.bravais.org/swerve

If there is true interest and a suggestion or two on what to do with it
I am willing to mold it into a more polished form.