[MLton] Re: Ray tracer update

Stephen J. Bevan stephen@dino.dnsalias.com
Sat, 18 Jun 2005 18:05:11 -0700

Stephen Weeks writes:
 > > Doh!  That's the one link on the main page I didn't try since I
 > > already know Standard ML :-<  Now I know where it is and with the
 > > update containing the regexp and sed page I think it is pretty good,
 > > though it wouldn't hurt to mention it in the man page.
 > Do you mean to add a pointer from the man page to the "StandardML"
 > page or to the "Emacs" page?  Where on the man page?

I believe the precedent is the DIAGNOSTICS section (cf cc(1) manual
page in v7 Unix).  That should cover what output will be generated and
the format.  It is tough to find a compiler man page that actually
does that tough, so I'm not singling MLton out here for not having it.
I only looked for it specifically in the MLton man page because Emacs
couldn't process the MLton error output by default and so I hoped the
fix would be mentioned in the man page.