[MLton] mlton on mingw ?

Bernard Berthomieu Bernard.Berthomieu@laas.fr
Tue, 29 Mar 2005 13:35:35 +0200

I  have  seen several  references  to MinGW  in  the  mlton pages  and
sources.  I'm enquiring  about the status of this  port. Our potential
applications are  not Unix-tied and  it would be obviously  helpful to
our Window users to avoid any cygwin installation.

As no  binary distribution  of mlton on  MinGW seems  available,  what
exactly is the  procedure to compile mlton for mingw  ?  Is there some
"howto" file somewhere that would describe the path ?

We tried to simply compile the sources using mingw, but this obviously
fails since a running mlton is required at some point. I guess we need
a cross-compiling  gcc, and possibly  a cross-compiling mlton  too, to
build mlton-mingw from a linux or cygwin base ?

Thank you very much for any help.



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