packages (was Re: [MLton] syntax error for "_address")

Stephen Weeks
Fri, 4 Nov 2005 09:53:04 -0800

> I guess the point I'm trying to make about whole-program compilation
> is that the mlton command is this big monolithic operation that my
> build script or makefile has to swallow whole.  It is not broken up
> by file or library, or even by phase (compile vs. linking).

Like Matthew, I see this as avoiding the middle man :-). It seems to
me that in whatever model one has, it should always be possible to
replace steps that do preprocessing (in my view) of source files, like
building a .o, with identity steps that simply propagate the source
files.  I don't see how whole-program compilation can get in the way.

Here's a more concrete question that will perhaps help us make
progress.  Since frameworks are the preferred way of tackling this
problem on Mac OS, would it be possible to use frameworks to package
MLton libraries?  If not, why not?

> BTW, the default configuration of mlton, which assumes that it lives
> in /usr is not a good match for MacOS X.  You should use /usr/local
> and/or create an application bundle.

Since I know nothing about the latter, I have done the former.