[MLton] mingwows

Andrew Kennedy akenn@microsoft.com
Fri, 11 Nov 2005 12:17:55 -0000

Some more suggestions for the Windows/mingw release.

- Better to package it in its own directory (MLton) with subdirectories
bin, lib, and doc. That's more in the Windows tradition, and leaves the
option of installing it on a network drive unconnected with MinGW.

- Don't compress any of the constituent files (e.g. mllex.ps and
mlyacc.ps have been gzipped inside the distribution)

- man files? That's not very Windowsy. Can we have something else?

- I've knocked up a quick .bat file that works fine. In its simplest
form, it needs to know where the mlton "lib" directory has been
installed, but I have some .bat wizardry (used for SML.NET) that can
find out where the batch file was run from, and derive the lib directory
from that. Even better would be mlton.exe, of course.

- What are the precise dependencies of the (binary distribution of)
MLton on MinGW? Am I right in thinking that it only needs gcc.exe? If
so, can we simply redistribute gcc with MLton? (The Glasgow Haskell
compiler ghc takes this approach).