[MLton] GUI toolkits (was: mingwows)

Wesley W. Terpstra wesley@terpstra.ca
Tue, 15 Nov 2005 00:40:43 +0100

On Nov 12, 2005, at 11:13 PM, Henry Cejtin wrote:
> I have been working on a Gtk interface to MLton that should be  
> `done' very
> shortly.

Is there a svn/cvs repository somewhere, where the curious can
get themselves into trouble? :-)

How are you binding it all?
How are you dealing with inheritance?
Where can I get it?!

> I never use Windows, so I can't comment on what Gtk is like there.

I've used it. It actually looks better than native windows apps.
The stability is pretty good too, but it's quite slow...

The official build (MinGW only, no cygwin):
There are lots of installers floating around (the best):

The main problem I had with GTK was that there was no
Mac OS X port...
... but that seems to have recently started changing!

So, if you've got a good GTK port coming, then I am/will be
ecstatic! I'd be very happy to help out, too...