[MLton] Unicode / WideChar

Andreas Rossberg rossberg@ps.uni-sb.de
Tue, 22 Nov 2005 10:54:15 +0100

Henry Cejtin wrote:
> I think that it (chosing between exception/default-to-identity vs. raising
> an exception/returning an option) is all matter of convenience for the `usual'
> case.  The argument for toUpper being extended to the identity is that
> often one wants to do that to strings (for case-insensitive comparisons for
> example).

Yes, you want to be able to just write

   fun yell text = map toUpper text

keeping punctuation and white space. :-)

For a more practical example, consider file paths on Windows, where you 
have to perform (map toLower) for normalization.

Andreas Rossberg, rossberg@ps.uni-sb.de

Let's get rid of those possible thingies!  -- TB