[MLton] Intel Mac version of MLton

Matthew Fluet fluet at cs.cornell.edu
Thu Oct 12 08:07:06 PDT 2006

> I would guess that it is in the assembly code that you produce.  The rules 
> for MACH-O files are different in places than those for ELF and COFF.

I can believe that MACH-O is different than ELF or COFF, but I guess I 
would have hoped that the assembler would complain, rather than producing 
an object file that doesn't link.

> Will the flags you suggest save the asm code?

Yes; '-keep g' is "keep code-Generated files".

>> Well, its obviously a linker issue.  You could try compiling 
>> regression/math.sml with the options '-keep g -keep o -verbose 1'
>> which will save the intermediate files and print out the command line 
>> passed to gcc.  I would also try '-codegen c -verbose 1' to see whether it 
>> is a general linker problem or specific to the native codegen.
>> I googled for the error message, and there are a number of pages/posts 
>> where people report seeing the error, but I haven't found an explaination 
>> or a solution.
>> On Wed, 11 Oct 2006, John Reppy wrote:
>>> I did a bin/regression and got a failure (see below).
>>> 	- John
>>> <jhr at frogbat> bin/regression
>>> MLton MLTONVERSION (built Mon Oct 09 23:08:56 2006 on frogbat.local)
>>> flags = -type-check true
>>> testing 1
>>> ...
>>> testing math
>>> /usr/bin/ld: /tmp/file1D7oqw.o has external relocation entries in non- 
>>> writable section (__TEXT,__text) for symbols:
>>> _tanh
>>> _cosh
>>> _sinh
>>> _pow
>>> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
>>> call to system failed with exit status 1:
>>> gcc -o math /tmp/filen4F46H.o /tmp/file1D7oqw.o -L/Users/jhr/Work/ 
>>> mlton/mlton/build/lib/self -lmlton -L/sw/lib -lgmp -lgdtoa -lm
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