[MLton] issue tracking

Guido Kollerie gkoller at inter.nl.net
Mon Oct 30 23:02:25 PST 2006

On 31-okt-2006, at 0:15, Stephen Weeks wrote:

> Matthew
> suggested bugzilla.  Do people have any experiences to report with
> that, either as a user or administrator?

I've managed a Bugzilla instance for a company I used to work for. It  
works reasonable well. Nothing special, it simply gets the job done.

> How about other
> possibilities?

However should I ever be tasked with setting up and managing an issue  
tracker again I'll likely give Roundup (http:// 
roundup.sourceforge.net/) a serious look for two reasons:

   - it has an email interface (http://roundup.sourceforge.net/ 
   - it's written in Python, making it's code base arguable more  
accessible than Bugzilla's

Having said that I have not yet used it.

> The most important criterion to me is ease-of-use for end users.  I
> want users to be able to very easily submit bugs, check on their
> status (email, rss tracking), search, etc.  A secondary criterion is
> ease-of-use for developers.  A not unimportant criterion is ease of
> administration.

Nice thing about Roundup it that you can easily evaluate it simply by  
downloading it and running 'python demo.py'

> Also, I was thinking that it would be nice if whatever tool we set up
> works for tracking more than bugs; e.g. feature requests.

Feature requests can be managed as bugs. You only need to be able to  
flag them as features. Both Roundup (priority: feature) and Bugzilla  
(severity: enchancement) allow you to do that



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