[MLton] building mlton for darwin + intel

Thant Tessman thant at tessman.com
Mon Feb 19 20:43:33 PST 2007

I forgot to cc this to mlton at mlton.org, and I should have mentioned that 
before trying to build the source, I tried the experimental binaries, 
and they had the same problem.


Thant Tessman wrote:
> Matthew Fluet wrote:
>> Hi Thant,
>> As I said on comp.lang.functional, you can download an x86-darwin 
>> binary from http://www.mlton.org/Experimental, and to build from 
>> sources on x86-darwin, you'll need sources from at least 20061101, 
>> preferably a recent SVN checkout (http://www.mlton.org/Sources).
>> In your last post on comp.lang.functional, you seemed to suggest that 
>> the binaries from mlton.org weren't working for you?
> Hi! Thanks for the reply.
> I used svn to get the trunk of the mlton source, and it complains that
>     /usr/local/lib/libgmp.3.dylib
> referenced from /usr/local/bin/mllex is missing.
> I managed to build libgmp.a from what was available on the gmp website, 
> but it didn't build the above. I don't even know what a ".dylib" is 
> unless it's just a new file extension for dynamic object files.
> Haven't had the opportunity to look into it past this yet. But if you 
> can point me at how to get libgmp.3.dylib, that would put my on my way I 
> think.
> Again, thanks for the reply,
> -thant

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