[MLton] building mlton for darwin + intel

Thant Tessman thant at tessman.com
Thu Feb 22 17:23:39 PST 2007

Matthew Fluet wrote:
>   At a minimum, one would want to use IntInf to perform constant 
> folding of IntInf operations.  
Ah, of course.
> This is just a representation dictated by the platform; MLton itself 
> doesn't really care how the GMP library is represented.  We just 
> invoke gcc with '-lgmp' to perform linking. 
Right, but...never mind. I wanted to test some assumptions before asking 
more specific questions, but I can't seem to get gmp to even build the 
shared version of the library on this platform. The instructions say it 
should be built by default, and the --enable-shared flag to the 
configure script doesn't seem to do anything.

But thankfully I guess I don't care anymore. (Thanks for the 
clarification of .la files. I suppose I could have just looked in it 


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