[MLton] List comprehensions?

Andreas Rossberg AndreasRossberg at web.de
Fri Jun 1 11:15:45 PDT 2007

From: "Matthew Fluet" <fluet at tti-c.org>
>> What most likely does break defunctorisation, though, is the combination 
>> of first-class and higher-order modules.
> I think just first-class modules (with or without higher-order modules) 
> would compromise defunctorisation.  At the very least, it wouldn't look 
> like a 'classic' defunctorisation.

First-class modules without higher-order ones would imply (or at least I 
meant that to imply) that you could not make functors first-class, i.e. you 
only would have first-class structures. Wouldn't defunctorisation still be 
applicable in that case? (Of course, monomorphisation would break.)

> On the other hand, higher-order modules (without first-class modules) 
> shouldn't be a problem.  (Again, the difficulty is teaching the 
> type-checker new tricks, but the target language would support it.)

Yes, I reckon.

- Andreas

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