new release

Stephen Weeks
Fri, 3 Aug 2001 18:45:36 -0700

> I grabbed it and am looking at it now and making the Red Hat 6.x RPMs and the
> source and binary .tgz files.  Other than moving the old RPMs and tgz's to OLD
> and putting in the new ones, (and deleteing the gross .cvsignore files
> in all the directories (I REALLY HATE CVS)), 

I guess I could delete those as part of the build, but they really are part of
the source.  Anyways, CVS is working very well for Matthew and me here, and we'd
like to continue using a shared repository once he heads back to Cornell.  I was
hoping that you could set one up at sourcelight for us.

> I assume that the new stuff
> replaces all the old web page (except for the stuff in OLD), correct?

Yep.  You may need to create the (empty) EXPERIMENTAL directory as well.