new release

Stephen Weeks
Fri, 3 Aug 2001 18:57:32 -0700

> The .cvsignore files aren't part of the source by my definition of source.
> They are some horror to describe things to CVS (yuck).
> What to they actually tell CVS any way?

They tell it what files are not part of the source and should not be included in
the repository.

Anyways, the make-rpms script now deletes them from the web directory, but not
from the rpms.

> As to setting one up here, I have no objection, although I can't imagine
> that I would use it.

Cool.  It's really been a big help to us here.  And I think you'll find it nice,
if not to actually edit files, at least to keep up with the latest changes we're
making.  Having it there means you should be able to build an rpm of the latest
experimental version at any time.