CVS, mailing list, web discussions, etc

Stephen Weeks
Tue, 7 Aug 2001 15:51:13 -0700

> I don't think either is too hard.  The contribute (Slashdot) version could
> get to be a bit busy I suppose, but to be honest, the only real problem I
> see is that of spam mail.  My mailbox is definitely getting a lot more these
> days.  I suspect that a bunch is caused by me being the official technical
> contact for the domain, but I think that putting up a web
> page would definitely increase that, which is kind of a pain.

We'll worry about busy-ness if/when we see it.  

What do y'all think about moving to SourceForge?  They do the CVS stuff, as well
as the mailing list (with SPAM) and web discussion forums.

> Also I don't know if putting all the stuff on the MLton mailing list up for
> public view is good or not.

I definitely don't want to put everything on the MLton@sourcelight list up for
public consumption.  I was just thinking that some of the stuff that we discuss
might be of general interest.