CVS, mailing list, web discussions, etc

Stephen Weeks
Tue, 7 Aug 2001 16:06:05 -0700

> I would vote, not strongly though, against going to Sourceforge.  I don't see
> much of a gain, and despite what VA-Linux says, they aren't in good shape
> financially, and they might end up dropping SourceForge, which would mean
> that links all over the place would be wrong.  It just seems easier to me
> to do it ourselves.

I don't disagree.  But I thought I'd ask, since most of this kind of work falls
on you.  Anyways, I'd say first priority is getting CVS up and running, since
Matthew heads back to Cornell in <3 weeks.  After that, some kind of message
board, whatever's easiest for you.  I'm inclined to drop the mailing list
(MLton-discuss) entirely, since everyone has web access.  But I suppose there is
the advantage of the "push" aspect of email.  Maybe we go to a model where
MLton-discuss is just for us to send announcements, and the web message board is
for anyone to use.

BTW, the current way MLton-discuss is set up is bad.  When I send to it, I
should not get bounce messages -- bounces should go to the list maintainer
(i.e. Henry).