changes I don't get

Henry Cejtin
Wed, 22 Aug 2001 21:34:56 -0500

I finally looked through some of the changes you made for the Debian release.
I don't understand why a bunch (but certainly not all) of the ML files have a
couple  of  comment  lines  added.   In fact, even one of the test data files
(src/benchmark/tests/DATA/chess.gml) has these comments  added.   Also  there
was a minor tweak to src/doc/user-guide/main.tex.  Was this needed?

The  thing  I  am  slightly  concerned  with  (not  a big deal) is having two
different sources, both of which claim to  be  the  2001-08-06  version,  and
which  aren't  quite  the same.  (The Makefiles and the like I get, but these
files I don't.)

Thanks again for the work.