Debian version of MLton

Stephen Weeks
Thu, 23 Aug 2001 18:09:18 -0700

> Hm,  it  seems  that the mail I exchanged with Barak was not all going to the
> MLton mailing list as I thought.  I have included  it  at  the  end  of  this
> message.

Thanks.  I took a look through mlton_20010806-1.diff and it didn't look too
bad.  I have a couple of comments and questions.

> I grabbed all the files from
> but have only quickly looked through them.  I don't understand why he changed
> a bunch of random files (but certainly not all of them).  All he seemed to do
> was  add  a  few  lines  of  comments.

The reason that his CVS changed some files is that there are special comments
that it recognized at the bottom of these files.  I wasn't even aware of these.
They come from files that were copied from other places, mostly SML/NJ.  When I
initially imported the files into CVS, it modified those comments to record the
initial import.  We could either leave the files as is or go through and delete
the comments.  I am happy enough with either, but lean slightly towards

> He also changed the main.tex file in
> src/doc/user-guide,  but  only  in  a  way  that  I  don't  think  makes  any
> difference.

That looked fine.  I've added it to our CVS tree.

> The Makefiles are all a bit different.
> My  conclusion  on  this is that we should just be doing this ourselves since
> now the Debian version is going to be slightly different (although in  theory
> not in a serious way).

I agree.  I leave it in your hands.  In fact, once you get CVS up and running
and we get stuff over there, you can do the mods yourself.

Are you planning on going for two makefiles, or modifying our build process to
look more like his so that we can get by with one makefile?

> >it'll be in "unstable" within a week.  another week or two and it will
> >be in "frozen".  Then it just waits for the next major stable release,
> >which will be ... wheneven it is.  maybe a few months, by the current
> >freeze schedule.

Cool.  I see we are already there.