feature request for MLton.

Norman Ramsey nr@eecs.harvard.edu
Thu, 23 Aug 2001 11:18:32 -0400

 > We are always happy to provide support in the form of answering questions,
 > explaining how things work, fixing bugs, etc.  I don't think that will chang
   e in
 > the next year or so.  We can even provide support for compiler modifications
 > spit out additional info for the debugger.  Hopefully that is

This would be everything we could hope for :-)

 > It is
 > beyond our resources for now to work on the debugger itself.  

We definitely have plans in that direction.

 > If you are people-constrained rather than dollar-constrained, another
 > possibility would be to hire one of us for additional support.  

It's a nice idea.  At the moment I have slightly fewer dollars than
people---but should my situation change I'll keep it in mind.