feature request for MLton.

Norman Ramsey nr@eecs.harvard.edu
Thu, 23 Aug 2001 11:38:37 -0400

 > > What are the chances of getting support for this #line directive (a
 > > formal comment) into MLton.  (The exact syntax of the directive
 > > doesn't matter, although it would be convenient if the two compilers
 > > accepted the same syntax.)
 > I am pleased to report that the chances are 100%.  I just added it.  I took 
 > lexer stuff from SML/NJ, so it should be compatible.  You can wait to use it
 > with the next MLton release or, if you want to use it now, it is easy for us
 > make an RPM.  Let us know which you want.

Hey, this is service! :-)

One week from today I expect to leave for Europe, and I will have
several long plane flights.  If I can get a version before then, I can
work on de-NJ-ing my code.  So if it's little trouble, an RPM would be