ICFP presentation

Jagannathan, Suresh Suresh.Jagannathan@storagenetworks.com
Tue, 28 Aug 2001 13:10:05 -0400

The presentation looks good.  For the compile-time performance
slide, can't you have a bar chart for (a) overall compile-time
with different bars for each important phase, and (b) for a representative
set of benchmarks, a bar chart indicating the number of contified
functions that exist after contification using the A_call and A_dom
analyses?   I think a graphics for these two metrics would be really

I also think you should keep (at least as backup) some slides on
related work, that refers to among other things Reppy's paper in
the last continuations workshop.  I wouldn't be surprised if someone
didn't ask you about it.

-- Suresh