SML/NJ 110.35

Stephen Weeks
Tue, 28 Aug 2001 11:29:19 -0700

I just successfully compiled MLton with SML/NJ 110.35.  I'm going to try using
it for a while.  Some interesting data that is printed by CM is the code, data,
and environment size of each compiled module.  Here is the total over the entire

code: 5,439,964
data: 155,584
env: 2,106,196

This roughly corresponds to the size of mlton-compile.  However, mlton.x86-linux
is 31M (it was roughly this large with 110.9.1 too), so something really bad is
happening in processing the basis library.  My conjecture is they are not
sharing zero length vectors.  Anyways, it's not worth looking into, since it
runs, and we don't have to ship it.