ICFP presentation

Stephen Weeks MLton@sourcelight.com
Tue, 28 Aug 2001 13:24:54 -0700

> I think that just a chart of the normalized function counts will be
> enough.

Sounds good.

> Actually, it's a very good correlation b/w functions contified and
> run-time.


> I'm thinking of dropping the Compile-time Performance slide altogether and
> replacing it with a single Compile-time Statistics slide with the
> normalized function counts and three bullets:
> * contification runs three times in the optimizing cycle
> * contification takes less than 4% of total compile time
> * contification quiesces after two rounds
> The fact that contification eliminates 1/2 the functions is now implicit
> in the graph (not to mention that Acont actual only eliminates 40% of the
> functions in mlton).

Sounds good.  I'd swap the second and third bullets, and consistently the word
"rounds" instead of times in the first bullet).