[MLton] Minor evolution request

Alain Deutsch deutsch@PolySpace.com
Mon, 15 Dec 2003 10:39:34 +0100

It is indeed fairly easy for us to set ramslop from the command line.
I guess my minor evolution request is not relevant anymore.

>I agree that hardwiring in a divisor doesn't sound so great.  How
>about adding the ability to set ramSlop at runtime?
>	val MLton.GC.setRamSlop: real -> unit
>I don't think that would be too tough to implement.  With it, whenever
>a master is going to fork some children and knows the number of
>processors (presumably via some other _import), he can set the ramSlop
>appropriately before starting each child.
>Maybe we need a better name than ramSlop?  ramUsed? ramAvailable?
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