[MLton-devel] -profile time and the native codegen

Matthew Fluet fluet@CS.Cornell.EDU
Mon, 20 Jan 2003 12:15:31 -0500 (EST)

> One question: why did ProfileLabel move from MACHINE_ATOMS to ATOMS?
> The idea of MACHINE_ATOMS is that it has atoms that are only needed by
> the backend and later passes, which would seem to apply to
> ProfileLabel.  The practical benefit of using MACHINE_ATOMS is that
> changes don't cause a recompile of all the front and middle-end code.

No real reason.  I need PROFILE_LABEL as an independent signature to act
as an argument to the x86 functor.  I simply noted that backend/sources.cm
exported nothing besides MACHINE and RUNTIME (i.e., it doesn't export
MACHINE_ATOMS or any of it's sub signatures), so I thought atoms was the
better place for it, where pretty much everything is exported.  I have no
objections to you moving it back and fixing up the dependencies.

> One more question: would it make sense to move any of what you did to
> the backend, to make it easier on other codegens?

I don't think so.  I added ProfileInfo.modify to accumulate a list of
added and deleted profile labels, which could be used by other codegens.
But everything else I did was pretty much x86 specific.

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