[MLton] MLton from CVS failure

Stephen Weeks MLton@mlton.org
Fri, 2 Jan 2004 13:12:08 -0800

> I tried to make MLton from the CVS and failed.  The first failure was because
> hevea isn't on my machine (a Red hat 7.1 machine).  I looked and it isn't  on
> a  Red  Hat 9.0 machine either, so it isn't standard.  I tweaked the Makefile
> in mlton/doc/user-guide to bother with that. 

Yeah, it isn't standard.  I built hevea 1.07 from source and installed
it on my RedHat 7.1 machine that I use for packaging.

> The result was MLton compiler errors.  This is using MLton 20030716
> as my installed MLton.

This is a bug.  The problem is that I changed the name of platform
SunOS to Solaris, which breaks the output of upgrade-basis.  I'll
think about a fix.

> I then tried to do
>     make bootstrap-nj
> with  SML/NJ  v110.42  as my SML/NJ.  This also failed.  The problems seem to
> revolve around lib/mlton-stubs-smlnj/int-inf.sml, which  is  missing  divMod,
> quotRem and doesn't match a signature.

We're up to using 110.44 these days, and you must use that.  It's way
too hard to support multiple versions.