[MLton] Win32 Spawn's Seem Broken

Stephen Weeks MLton@mlton.org
Wed, 21 Jul 2004 18:38:13 -0700

> * I wrote a simple BAT file that invokes MLton (in a
> similar, but not totally equivalent) fashion to the
> Bash front-end.  It needs work, probably by someone
> well-versed in BAT scripting (which I am not).

I am wondering why a BAT script is necessary, given the existence of
MSYS and the shells it provides.

Also, I installed a system with MinGW so that I can test your changes
when you are ready.  But I couldn't figure out how to get an sshd
running.  Of course I could get one if I installed Cygwin, but I would
like to keep the system as clean as possible.  Do you know how to get
an sshd running on top of MinGW?