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Matthias Blume blume@tti-c.org
Mon, 18 Oct 2004 14:35:23 -0500

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Dear fellow ML-ers,

as far as I can tell, the last ML workshop was held with ICFP'98.
Therefore, I think it is high time for a restart of this valuable

I am planning to submit a proposal for an ML workshop to Patricia
Johann, the ICFP'05 Workshop Chair.  But for this I need your help!

Information on the proposal process can be found on this web page:


As you can see, the deadline for proposals is coming up very soon
(November 1st), so we need to act quickly.

In order of importance, I would like each of you to take a few minutes
and respond to the following questions:

    1.  Would you be interested in attending a new ML workshop, to be
        held in conjuction with ICFP'05 in Tallin, Estonia?

    2.  Would you be willing to help organizing the event?  (I am
        willing to do my part, but I could use a few experienced "old

    3.  Would you be willing to serve on the program committee (should
        you be asked).

    4.  Among researchers and students you know and who were not
        reached by this communication, how many do you think would be
        interested in attending?  (We need a reasonable estimate on the
        total numer of attendees.)

    5.  If anyone could help me out with details on publicity and
        potentially published proceedings, I'd be very grateful.

    6.  If you notice that I missed someone who should have received
        this request but didn't, please forward it!  Thanks!

Given the short time frame, please don't delay your reply!

Many thanks in advance, and let's hope we all meet in Tallin (and not 
just for

Best regards,
Matthias Blume


Draft statement of goals, shamelessly stolen from the '98 workshop (If
you have suggestions for changes and improvements, please speak up!):

   The ML family of programming languages, whose dialects include
   Classic ML, Standard ML, Caml, and Objective Caml, has inspired a
   tremendous amount of language research, ranging from type inference
   to module systems to operational semantics to implementation. In
   large part ML typifies "HOT" (Higher-Order, Typed) language design
   and implementation.

Draft CfP (again, for the most part shamelessly stolen; request for
suggestions -- see above):

   We seek papers relevant to all ML-related topics including (but not
   limited to):

    * applications
    * extensions: objects, classes, concurrency, etc.
    * two-level language designs (Meta-ML, MetaOCaml, etc.)
    * type systems: inference, modules, specification,
      error reporting, etc.
    * implementation: compilers, interpreters, partial
      evaluators, garbage collectors, etc.
    * environments: libraries, tools, editors, debuggers, etc.
    * semantics

   Submitted papers should describe new ideas, experimental results, or
   informed positions regarding proposals for next-generation ML
   languages.  In order to encourage lively discussion, submitted
   papers may describe work in progress.


Cc: caml@inria.fr,

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