[MLton] Compile time options bug

Neophytos Michael nmichael@yahoo.com
Thu, 27 Jan 2005 14:39:07 -0800 (PST)

The documentation (http://mlton.org/CompileTimeOptions) seems to imply that the
following command line options are legal, yet mlton generates an error message
(see below).   If I issue the disable-ann directive twice with 'forceUsed' and
again with 'warnUnused" then all is fine.  This is with version:

MLton 20041109 (built Tue Nov 09 15:33:07 2004 on cygwin)


$ mlton -target self -verbose 1 -stop tc -disable-ann 'forceUsed, warnUnused'
invalid -disable-ann flag: forceUsed, warnUnused
usage: mlton [option ...] file.{c|cm|mlb|o|sml} [file.{c|o|s|S} ...]
    -align {4|8}                   object alignment
    -cc-opt <opt>                  pass option to C compiler
    -codegen {native|bytecode|c}   which code generator to use
    -const '<name> <value>'        set compile-time constant

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